A clear distortion-free High Definition vision is no longer a myth. AkriVistaa PRO lenses are manufactured using 3 Dimensional Digital Contour Technology based on your eye prescription so that every surface is processed to exact specification resulting Stress Less Clarity.


Conventional lens

Narrow distance and near zone with higher distortions at the periphery.

AkriVistaa PRO lens

Wider and clear distance and near zone with reduced distortions at the periphery.


AkriVistaa PRO has Aberration Filter System, which allows natural
vision over the entire surface of the lens.

Conventional lens

Distortion at the periphery with
conventional lens.

AkriVistaa PRO lens

Natural and clear vision at the periphery
with reduced distortions.


AkriVistaa PRO Binocular Balancing method calculations are made to connect all the points
in the peripheries of the pair of lenses to create the Smoothest power transitions possible.

Conventional lens

Unwanted distortion when the image is viewed from nasal and temporal sides at the same time.

AkriVistaa PRO lens

AkriVistaa PRO offers clear vision at all zones of the lenses, eliminating unwanted distortions, even when the image is viewed from nasal & temporal sides at the same time.


AkriVistaa PRO is a backsurface aspheric design and hence the prescription is closer
to the eye as compared to conventional lenses, hence you get wider and natural
vision compared to conventional lenses.

Conventional lens

Higher order of magnification with
smaller vision zones.

AkriVistaa PRO lens

Reduced magnification with wider vision zones as the whole prescription is closer to the eye.

AkriVistaa MAX is a premium freeform progressive lens which offers high definition natural vision. When a lens is optimized for a unique wearer, the best possible optics are achieved.

Customised As Per 3 Parameters Combined:

LIFESTYLE Parameters

EYE Parameters

FRAME Parameters


  • How often do you read from smart phone?
  • How often you work on computers?
  • Are you an sports enthusiast?
  • Do you paint?
  • Do you drive at night? If yes, then how many hours?
  • Your hobbies?

Personalised Progressive lens for more perfect vision.


AkriVistaa MAX uses the digital light casting technology which guarantees optimum power in all gaze directions.

Standard PAL

AkriVistaa MAX

Lifestyle Of A Presbyope In Today’s Time Has Become Very Dynamic And Challenging.

  • New technologies are evolving at the same time.
  • More and more people are using digital devices of all kinds.
  • This has resulted in a new visual challenge for the presbyopes.
  • It requires them to switch back and forth between distant and mid-range viewing and reading of small texts on mobile phones or handheld digital devices.


Coatings For Eyeglasses

Coatings for eyeglasses give you added protection as per your needs. Your work or your lifestyle dictates the pressing need for the nature of the coating that you would desire. There are various types of coatings for eyeglasses that Akrivistaa provides.

Anti Reflection

Need lens coating to provide respite from glare
and reflection; opt for anti reflection coatings

Scratch Resistant

Need lens coating to provide protection from
abrasion; opt for scratch resistant coatings

Extended Durability

Need lens coating that provides resilience; opt for Akrivistaa that provides extended durability

Water Repellent

Need lens coating that provides clarity despite water splashes; opt for water repellent coatings

Dirt Repellent

Need lens coating that provides protection from grime; opt for Akrivistaa dirt repellent coatings

Smudge Repellent

Need lens coating that provides respite from stains; opt for smudge repellent coatings

Authentic Lens For Eyewear

Akrivistaa Pro

Have your authentic card record your name and prescription specifications!

Akrivistaa Max

Have your authentic card record your name and prescription specifications!

Fog marking gives you the satisfaction of having bought an original Akrivistaa!